Frequently Asked Questions
Recover license key

You can send email to retrieve your license key. Your email address should match the one on our records. If your email address is changed, please include some or all of the information below:

First and last name
Old email address
Mailing address
Approximate date of purchase

Upgrading RT Organizer or Address Ex

The license key for version 5 is different. You need to request a new license key for version 5 (free upgrade). Enter the new license key. Install the new version, Import calendar/address book from the old version, later you can uninstall version 4.

Installing on a new computer

- Copying calendar/contacts from the old computer to the new computer:
ReadyToPrint Organizer saves calendar/contacts in this folder: "My Documents\Organizer". You need to copy this folder to the new computer (normally you have to copy all of the files in "My Documents" to the new computer, for all programs on your computer)

- Copy the license key from ReadyToPrint Organizer on the old computer:
In ReadyToPrint Organizer (the one on your old computer) click on "Help" button, then click "About". It should show the license key. Copy this key, or write it down or something.

- Download and run the newest installation file from this website. Enter your license key. See if all the data files are there. You may need to click "File" button, then click "Open" to add data files.

Saving calendars/contacts on back up disk

In version 5, click the "File" button (top-left corener in the Application). Click on "Make Backup File". You can save the file to a removable drive such as USB disk.

For copying to CD/DVD, you need to close ReadyToPrint Organizer, go to data location which should be at "My Documents\Orgniazer", copy the selected files to CD and finalize buy "burn" action from CD manager.

Transfer calendars/contacts to other programs.

In version 5, click the "File" button (top-left corener in the Application). Click on "Import/Export".

Transfering calendars/contacts smart phones and other devices.

Many smart phones and tablets can synchronize with "Windows Contacts". In ReadyToPrint Organizer, you can synchronize with "Windows Contacts" to indirectly synch with other devices.

ReadyToPrint Organizer can export calendars to "iCalendar" format (files with *.ical extension). Many devices can import these iCalendar files.

Lost calendars/contacts

ReadyToPrint Organizer version 5 has redundant backup capabilities. If there is program or system crach, the program should be able to recover lost data.

Every time you enter a contact or event, the program saves a duplicate copy in "Recent Records", which can be accessed in Address/Calendar tab, under this sections:
"Data Recovery -> Recent Records"

Recent records will show the last 1,000 entries. If the data was lost in main record file, you can drag and drop records from Recent Records to the main record file.

The program will also make temporary backup files, which can be accessed in this sections:
"Data Recovery -> Automatic Backups"

You should have up to 5 automatic back up for each calendar/address file. If you loose data, you can look at Automatic backups. Hopefully your lost data will be found in that section.

However, automatic backups are always temporary. Eventually these files are deleted and replaced with newer automatic backups. That means some record which was entered 1 month ago may not be there in automatic backups.

You can make your own permanent backup. Clicking on "File" button, then click on "Make Backup File". Manual backups are not deleted automatically by the application.

If you do not find anything under "Data Recovery", it could be that you are on the wrong "User Account" on your Windows operating system. If there are two or more users on your computer, then you may need to logout out Windows, and log back in to the correct  account.